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Ethics Charter

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The main principles and priorities which precede Speech Therapists of the World (Orthophonistes du Monde or OdM) ’s intentions and actions are described in the associations’s by-laws, mainly in article 1 : “ promote and manage humanitarian, cooperation, technical assistance and research missions, scientific exchange programs and training sessions in the field of speech therapy (orthophonie-logopédie)with countries outside the EU that request these partnerships.”

Assistance requests received by OdM are usually quite vaguely formulated at first, but

  • they always come from potential partners and are never initiated by OdM,
  • they are always linked with speech therapy or with what these partners consider speech therapy to be,
  • they are never and cannot be linked with emergency situations (“natural disasters”).

Requests sent to OdM sometimes ask for direct patient care in situations where there is a need for speech therapy, but they are asking more and more for training needs, whether for full training or improvement of already existing knowledge. This requires to send highly experienced and skilled professionals.

Added to the professional skills required, every mission demands adaptation to different human, material and cultural conditions in our field of work. Every professional we send on a mission is responsible for preparing and supervising the good progress of the mission. However, it is also capital that they share the values and ethical principles of the association.

We therefore select our candidates based on three criteria:

  • professionalism,
  • adaptation skills,
  • shared common values.
    The first is gauged according to the candidate’s professional life, the other two require that at least two members of the Directing Committee meet each candidate before they are officially selected.

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